We strive to be a highly ethical business. We aim to be as responsible as possible in our commercial, environmental & social behaviours.

Doing our bit, whenever we can.

  • Commercial behaviour

    For us it's all about making your business look good and adding real value. We deliver high quality work at fair prices and we want you to love our service.

    You'll find us honest, positive and polite and we complete as much of our work in-house as possible. When we use suppliers, freelancers and associates they will always be UK based and local whenever possible.

    We constantly invest in new technology to stay up-to-date with hardware and software developments and maintain an effective capability for all our clients.

    Environmental behaviour

    Minimising our impact on climate change by reducing our carbon footprint is very important to us. The way we work reflects this:

    • 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources thanks to Good Energy.
    • 100% of our heating comes from local renewable sources (wood burner)
    • 100% of recyclable materials get recycled.
    • We limit any unnecessary travel by using technology.
    • We keep transport distances for supplies to a minimum.
    • We use environmental print processes and recycled paper stock when possible.
    • We encourage our clients to consider environmental marketing options, which are also often cheaper and just as effective, when possible.

    Social behaviour

    We believe that all businesses have a social responsibility to ensure that their actions influence society in a positive way. We will not work for businesses who are not net contributors to society or who are commercially, environmentally or socially irresponsible.

    We believe strongly in the benefits of a vibrant, sustainable local economy. We regularly give our time and support to help initiatives that benefit the local enonomy. Organisations we give our time and support to include the Devizes Chamber of Commerce, Devizes Carnival and The Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon.